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Relationship Anxiety Assessment 

Relationship anxiety is one of the most painful and lonely experiences we can endure, and because we don’t know how normal it is (I’ve worked with thousands of people struggling with relationship anxiety over the last twenty years), the pain and fear easily morph into anxiety and shame. This assessment will help you determine if you’re suffering from relationship anxiety as it addresses the million-dollar question – “Is my anxiety my instinct telling me that I’m with the wrong partner?” –  and if the Break Free From Relationship Anxiety Course is right for you. 

7-Day Free Mini-Course: Break Free From Anxiety

A free, 7-day course delivered to your inbox daily though which Sheryl teaches the basic principles and practices that underlie her work on anxiety. Whether you’re new to Sheryl’s work or have been a follower and course member for years, this course consolidates her extensive and groundbreaking body of work on anxiety into digestible pieces so that you can implement it for the first time or at a deeper level. Also includes an MP3 visualization exclusive to this free course.

E-Book: “The 7 Most Common – and Traumatic – Life Changes”

 Unfinished transitions are a primary contributor to anxiety. Whether leaving home, moving to a new city, having a baby, getting married, changing careers, breaking up and going through a divorce, or shifting from a lifelong mindset of anxiety into one that includes more serenity, transitions are a part of life. This 78-page e-book will give you the basic information you need so that you can contextualize the normal emotions that arise during transitions and move through them effectively.

Sampler of the Conscious Weddings Course

If your relationship anxiety is connected to the wedding transition – meaning it started near the proposal, wedding, or first year of marriage and now you’re ruminating on the question of whether or not you’re making a mistake by marrying your partner – the Conscious Weddings Course is for you. In this free sampler, you will receive a detailed overview of the seven lessons, two written interviews with course members, and a sample of some of the top posts on the highly frequented course forum.

Interview with Alanis Morissette on her Wedding Transition

Interview with Alanis Morissette on Becoming a Mother

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