Loss and Uncertainty

One of the core spokes of the wheel of anxiety and intrusive thoughts in the need for certainty. The fear-and-control-based ego believes that if it can just answer this one question (and that question shifts), it will hedge its bets and find the certainty it desperately seeks.

Yet, in our constantly shifting inner and outer worlds, the attempt to find irrefutable certainty is a losing endeavor which only creates more anxiety. The healing path is to learn how to drop into the flow of life – which largely means learning to feel and tolerate loss – and create healthy anchors and islands to ground you up as you swim along the ever-changing currents of life.

To delve deeply into this topic and receive a powerful roadmap for how to remain grounded amidst the uncertainty of life, please see my course Grace Through Uncertainty

You Can’t Stop the Waves but You Can Learn to Surf

At the core of anxiety - whether health anxiety, death anxiety, relationship anxiety, or generalized anxiety - is the need for safety. As I've been writing about in my last few posts, left to our own unguided minds, the ego will latch onto our stories to try to gain a...

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