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30 comments to Member Login

  • brooke

    Could I please have the capcha phrase so I can register on the forum?
    Thank you.

    • If you’re already a CW member you will already have forum access (it’s the same forum as Break Free). If you’re a new member you will receive forum registration information three weeks after you purchased the course.

  • Angela

    Hi Sheryl. I’m so excited to have just signed to this inspirational course.
    Thank you so much xx

  • Angela

    Hi sheryl, I want to let you know the last time I was feeling anxious was a few weeks ago. At the time I was reading one of your articles and suddenly I felt a shift it was like I was absorbing what you said and my mood changed in that moment. It was an amazing feeling. I cant remember what what you said and it dosent matter. I do my very best to put in the effort and work and I got a positive result. All the information dosent overwhelm me the slightest. It gives me wisdom and inner peace that I have never felt before.

  • Stef

    Hi sheryl,

    I have purchased the break free course yesterday and received a confirmation email however I’m confused. Do I have to wait three weeks before I can begin the course at all or is there other things to do before I can sign in?
    The email says to start with the welcome page but I’m unsure how to get to that?
    I don’t remember making a username or password when I registered?
    I have emailed Tina but thought I would also comment in case I’m missing something

    Thank you,

    Stef x

  • Jenna

    Hello. I signed up for the Break Free E-Course today but haven’t received a link to access the course. I received an email but no login details or anything. If you could let me know how to access it that would be great.
    Thanks, Jenna.

  • Nikki

    Hi Sheryl,

    I purchased the e-course last night and am already going on Lesson 2. Do you suggest that I still be in contact (phone, text, in-person) with my boyfriend during this course? We went on a “break” the other night, and yesterday at work I would literally break down every time I thought of the word “break” and the idea of not really being with him anymore…. my breaking point was to borrow the money from my mom and purchase the course. I called my boyfriend last night and spoke to him about what I had learned so far about anxiety. It is day 2, and I started to watch “Forgetting Sarah Marshall” and the scene where she is breaking up with her boyfriend really struck me and the thought of me telling my boyfriend we need a “break” came rushing back.. it scared me! I am doing the tolgen and breathing exercises…. I just wanted to know if you recommended that through the course I distance myself from him? Or, do I continue as normal and see him regularly? I also have my second counselling session tomorrow and I am fearful that she is going to steer me away from this and encourage that the doubts mean don’t.

    Any advice would be so appreciated!

    Thank you.

  • Sarah Donnelly

    Hello….. I signed up for the Break Free E-Course today and payment has been processed but I haven’t received a link to access the course much appreciated.

  • Audrey

    Hi – I ordered the Weddings E-course but haven’t received it. I believe it is because it uses the default address linked with Paypal to send the course to, and that email account is no longer active for me. Please contact me so I can receive the course at the email provided here. Thank you.

  • agnes


    I’ve had the course a couple of months now but still not sure how to access the forum. Can someone help?


  • Krissy

    Hi Sheryl, do “Break Free” members get an online forum? Just curious. Thanks 🙂

  • Madi

    Hi sheryl, I’ve been working on the Ecourse and I’m wondering if working on it can make you anxious and uncomfortable? I’ve been getting very anxious while working on it

  • Alexa

    Hi Sheryl,

    I’m thrilled and humbled to be starting my journey with Break Free after reading your blog religiously for 3 years. I’m looking forward to logging into the forum but I can’t seem to figure out how to get onto it. Can you help?

  • Alexa

    Oh, I just saw that access to the forum comes in 3 weeks. Feel free to disregard!

  • Lifelines

    Where is the sampler to download with the interview and other materials?

  • Stuck-in-a-Rut

    Hi Sheryl! I purchased the course about 4 weeks ago and still have not received an email regarding the forum in my inbox or spam. How can I access it?

  • Sally

    Finally am here and full of hope..thank u in advance

  • Paula

    I just started the first video of the Break Free program. I thought this would be a perfunctory welcome message, but instead healing tears started streaming from my face at about four minutes into the video. Hearing that it was okay if my relationship was “good enough” made me completely relax into my body. No one ever says things like this. I am a perfectionist who has probably tortured herself on a low level her entire life. I really feel this work is going to be life changing for me. Thank you and I am so excited to be doing this healing work for myself and my marriage.

  • Evan Jaenichen

    Hi Sheryl. For the past few months I have been working through the course, and although I’m not 100% there yet, I have made a ton of progress. I still haven’t received an email about the forum access however… anyways, thank you for all of the work you have put into this course, I appreciate it with all my heart. Thank you!!

  • Katie

    I am restarting the course after a couple years. I’ve been in a relationship about a month and the more seriously we talk, the more he falls for me, I’m seeing my emotions change from excitement, joy and hope, to doubt and fear. Seeing the wheel of the causes of relationship anxiety, I’m like yes, yes, yes and yes. I’m praying that I will engage with the material and let it catalyze the healing it’s designed to bring. I want to grow and expand my ability to love and live. I want to be present and appreciate the precious man I’m beginning a relationship with. Thank you for your work and wisdom. Thank you for the hope it brings. Bring it on!

  • Barbara

    Hi, I just purchased the Breaking Free Course but I didn’t reveive a registration mail and Kathryn’s mail address is not working. I only get a Mailer Demon Reply

    • Barbara: I’m glad you contacted us here as sometimes we have problems with email addresses. I’ll have my assistant email you from her gmail account if our emails don’t reach you. You will gain access today!

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