Birthing a New Mother – Lesson Overview

Program Outline:

Lesson 1: Welcome and an Overview of Transitions

Where you’ll learn about the template of transitions and be introduced to the basic concepts of this program. 

  1. Welcome video
  2. Articles: The Importance of Honoring Transitions
  3. Exercise: Working with Fear
  4. Bonus Video #1: “The 3 Mental Shifts You Need to Make to Prepare for the Transition of Becoming a Mother” or “Learning by Moonlight”
  5. Bonus Video #2: The 7 Tools for Managing Your Anxiety at Any Stage of Your Transition


Lesson 2: Preconception

Where I’ll walk you through the thoughts, fears, and fantasies that arise during preconception, and even during pre-preconception (just thinking about trying to conceive!) The video in this lesson is so comforting and should be listened to even if you’re already pregnant, as the core message is about practicing letting go of control.

  1. Articles
  2. Sarah’s Story
  3. My Journal Entries
  4. Journaling through Preconception
  5. Video Interview with Brandy Ferner
  6. Bonus Video: The Mind-Body Fertility Connection with Carrie Dinow, MFT


Lesson 3: The First Trimester

Where you’ll learn about an overview of pregnancy – including the psychological roadmap that will help you make sense of how you’re growing your mother identity in each trimester and throughout the first year – and information to guide you through the physical and emotional challenges of this trimester.

  1. An Overview of Pregnancy
  2. Articles
  3. Journaling Through the First Trimester
  4. Video Interview with Psychotherapist, Carrie Dinow


Lesson 4: The Second Trimester

Where you’ll be guided to dive into the heart of the emotional work that will help prevent postpartum depression and babyproof your marriage. Be sure to watch the video with your partner – and watch it again afer the baby is born!

  1. Article
  2. Exercise: Managing Fear
  3. Journaling Through the Second Trimester
  4. Questions for Couples
  5. Video Interview on “Babyproofing Your Marriage” with Dr. Robert Paul


Lesson 5: The Third Trimester

Where you’ll be encouraged to slow back down and contract into yourself as you prepare for your birth. The interview with Leopi is one that I encourage you to listen to multiple times during this trimester – and throughout this transition.

  1. Articles
  2. Journaling Through the Third Trimester
  3. Birth Stories
  4. Taking Charge of Your Hospital Birth by Jessica Williams
  5. Bonus: L.O.V.E. Parenting’s Affirmations for Birth by Jessica Williams
  6. Bonus: L.O.V.E. Parenting’s Affirmations for Birth Audio Recording
  7. MP3 Interview with Midwife Leopi Sanderson-Edmunds


Lesson 6: Birth

  1. Articles
  2. Journaling on Birth


Lesson 7: The Fourth Trimester

Where you’ll learn about what’s normal to feel during this vulnerable stage and receive a huge dose of comfort from postpartum doula, Sonya Bastow.

  1. Articles
  2. Journaling through the Fourth Trimester
  3. Interview with Maya
  4. MP3 Interview with Postpartum Doula, Sonya Bastow


Lesson Eight: A Mother is Born (and a Father, too!)

Where you’ll learn about the contractions and expansions that solidify your mother-legs. The video in this lesson is for you, dads!

  1. Articles
  2. Journaling through the First Year
  3. Video Interview with Psychotherapist, Jonathan Nadlman


Many blessings on your transition into parenthood.

With love,


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