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Episode 76: Sheryl Paul – How to Be a Conscious Bride: Do Your Work During the Engagement Process!

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Sheryl Paul, M.A. is a pioneer in talking about what few in our society will even touch – the Death that comes with getting married. In her MUST READ book, The Conscious Bride, Sheryl takes our hand and takes us on a tour of all the frightening feelings, emotions and situations that mostly likely will surface as we prepare to shed our Single Woman shell and enter into the world of “wife.”

We talk about the grieving process that needs to happen and what happens if it doesn’t – a little discussed phenomenon called “post-bridal depression” that grips many women who do not “do their work” during the engagement period.

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Q&A interview with

Exclusive Interview

Sheryl Paul on Planning a Wedding

Counselor Sheryl Paul has worked with thousands of couples making the transition to from singletons to marrieds. Her bestselling book, The Conscious Bride: Women Unveil Their True Feelings About Getting Hitched, and it’s follow-up, The Conscious Bride’s Wedding Planner, are two of the very few resources available that help women navigate the emotional mayhem that comes with being engaged, planning a wedding and getting married. Paul lends her expertise on how to start on the right course for planning a wedding.

How should some couples expect to feel when they start planning a wedding?

We expect to be soaring from the moment we say “yes.” And that does happen for some women, but for many it doesn’t. You may feel ecstatic, but then you may crash and have the first panic attack of your life. It’s very confusing to go from ecstasy to terror in 24 hours. A typical reaction literally spans the extreme of the spectrum: joy, exhilaration, terror, ambivalence, doubt, confusion, fear, etc. It’s everything condensed into a very intense time. It doesn’t hit everyone in the first 30 days, but for a lot of people it does.

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Radio Show with Julie Cusmariu

Julie was probably the most connected, interesting radio host I’ve ever spoken to. We touched on topics that I had forgotten I’d ever written about – like the spiritual symbolism of the wedding dress. What a fabulous show she hosts with some of the most revered thinkers of our time. I was truly honored to be included. For those of you currently getting married, she’s doing a series of shows called “Getting Married Consciously” which I’m sure you’ll love. Here’s the direct link:


“Circle of Stones” Interview with Heather of Shivaya Naturals

It was truly an honor to be interviewed by Heather of Shivaya Natural’s Circle of Stones series, in which she interviews women who she wants to introduce to her beautiful online community. Her questions were so thought-provoking that they inspired a layer of answers that I’ve never accessed before in an interview.



Interview on Conscious Pregnancy with Julie Cusmariu

I was delighted to be interviewed once again by Julie Cusmariu for her fabulous blog talk radio series called “Conscious Pregnancy Empowered Birth: A Woman’s Rite of Passage into Creating New Life.” If you’re pregnant, thinking about getting pregnant, or know someone who’s pregnant, please direct them to this enlightening series about how to approach the rite of passage of pregnancy with consciousness.

You can find the link to the archived downloads, including our interview, and upcoming shows here:


Suzanne Alexander of Marriage Transformation interviewed me for an article on

Transition. What do you think of when you hear that word?

It means “change” of course. But it applies to the big shifts in your life, such as becoming engaged, married, or parents.

These major transitions usually trigger an array of feelings, such as joy, grief, and anxiety. But sometimes our friends, relatives, and the media tell us we should be feeling only the happiness. Then, unfortunately, relationship-undermining doubts can arise.

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Interview with Chris Blazina on “The Secret Lives of Men”

It was a pleasure to be interviewed in May 2010 by psychologist and author, Chris Blazina, host of the blog talk radio show “The Secret Lives of Men.” Chris was a wonderful host and directed the conversation onto many meaningful topics. Here’s the link:





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