What people are saying about Conscious Motherhood

The Birthing a New Mother Program delivers what every pregnant woman urgently needs: a way to successfully work through the biggest transition of a woman’s life – the birth of a child. It provides pregnant and new mothers with a blueprint for bringing healing consciousness to pregnancy and birth, thus promoting optimal health and happiness for all concerned.”

-Dr. Christiane Northrup, author of Women’s Bodies, Women’s Wisdom


“I discovered Sheryl and her work in conscious transitions at just the right time–just weeks after my daughter was born. I remember having little to no time for much other than infant care and barely tending to my own basic needs, but craving and so happy to find such solace and support in her consciousmotherhood website as an outlet for self-reflection on this new wild experience.


“I remember spending my very rare, but precious alone time chewing on all the great information on her website about the transition of motherhood, how to stay conscious, how to be in the fog of all the day to day, yet still be present with the joy and wonder of this amazing experience, embracing the present.


“As a late-30’s new mom, I had the experience of hearing others along the way speak of the post-partum and first year of motherhood as something that was very negative or ‘hellish’. I always found this kind of sad and all I knew was that was not how I wanted to look back on this very special phase of my life as–no matter how hard the newborn care would be! It didn’t fit with my ‘yogi-mentality’ of staying present (or at least attempting to) with experiences, feeling it all and being aware of what life is offering–good or bad moments alike. Sheryl’s work helped me stay true to that part of me.


“Also, motherhood being so overwhelming at times, it can be easy to get ahead of oneself which can cultivate unwanted anxiety. Sheryl’s work has also been helpful in reminding me of the collective of motherhood–how not alone we are and remembering we are all in this together.  The one day at a time is the only approach. This has alleviated alot of anxiety for me.


“In speaking with Sheryl in counseling sessions I have found it enormously helpful having a safe place to talk about all the changes (and there are alot of them with a new baby…) while receiving great advice on how to work with these emotions during this transition.  I have and will continue to recommend conscious motherhood and Sheryl’s services in helping navigate life’s transitions.”


M. Nelson, Boston, MA

“When I first became a mother, I was truly clueless. I did not anticipate
 motherhood to be so terrifying, and so lonely. I was sure that no one felt
 like I did. The fears and seclusion of a new mother are simply things our 
society never discuss. I thought I was so prepared to be a mother! I had 
read EVERYTHING on pregnancy, labor, and infant care. I only had images of a cooing, healthy, happy baby, and myself all aglow in some kind of lactational bliss. I had no idea how truly paralyzed I would become.

“Sheryl helped me transform my feelings. She held my hand as I mourned the passing of my old life, my freedom, my identity, and then helped usher me into my new world. Through our discussions, I found that my original, creative self still lived deep inside the exhausted new me. Eventually, I found the new me was actually just a new version of my old self – with more sadness, more joy, and certainly more wisdom. I was no longer a stranger to myself, and gradually this new world settled. I am so grateful for Sheryl’s gentle guidance.”

– Sarah, Los Angeles, CA


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