Open Your Heart: A 30 Day Program to Feel More Love and Attraction for Your Partner


Are you longing to feel more love and attraction for your partner?

Do you wish there was more connection and intimacy between you?

Do you often worry that there’s something missing in your relationship?

Whether you're in a new relationship or a longterm marriage, you can grow your love and cultivate your connection!

Most people who find me are in loving, healthy relationships but are struggling because the aliveness that was so strong in the beginning has faded OR it was never there to begin with.

And because our culture tells you that you’re EITHER

in love or out of love

attracted or not attracted

connected or disconnected

when these positive states fade as they always will many people panic thinking that those feelings are gone forever and that there’s something wrong with their relationships.

And if they were never there in the beginning the anxiety can be even worse.

As with so many aspects of love and attraction, our culture doesn’t tell us the truth, which is that:

Love can be grown

Attraction can be cultivated

Intimacy can be nurtured

If you only know which love laws to follow!

In this 30 day program called “Open Your Heart” I will be teaching you these love laws – the loving actions that, when practiced, will grow your love and attraction for your partner and help you feel more connected to each other. These love laws have been thoroughly tested with my clients, my friends and in my own marriage. They’re the secrets that happily married couples naturally live by but are not always able to articulate. I’ve articulated them for you now in a way that is clearly and easily accessible.

I’m so excited to be offering this information as I know how deep the longing is to feel more love, connection and attraction. And I’m delighted to be offering it in a personal format where I will be interacting with you directly. When you sign up for the program, you will receive:

• One email from me every day which will contain an article about one of the love laws and a loving action that you can take

• At least one video or MP3 each week that will provide an overview of what you will be learning that week

• Weekly group coaching calls where you will have the chance to ask your questions and bring your concerns directly to me

• Access to a private forum specifically for this program. My private forums are exceptionally supportive communities where people feel safe enough to be vulnerable and do very deep work, and I’m sure this forum will be the same.

Space will be limited, so don’t delay, give yourself the gift of learning these love laws and allow me to lead you into a level of contentment in your relationship that you’ve only dreamed possible. It’s not Hollywood and it’s the stuff of fairy tales; it’s even better. Take my hand and let’s begin!



If you're struggling with relationship anxiety, whether dating, engaged, or married, I STRONGLY encourage you to consider my Conscious Weddings E-Course. Learn more here.

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Some responses from my past Open Your Heart participants (to read more click here):

“With utmost respect and sincerity, I cannot thank you enough… for who you are, how you are, and ultimately for how the Open Your Heart Program has contributed to my healing. Open Your Heart has helped me see that the source of my anxiety is not my partner or the imperfections in our relationship, but the fact that I have become disconnected from my Self. The course was a reminder that I can choose to love by honoring the amazing man in front of me and celebrating the wonder and gift of our relationship. More important, I can choose to recognize the beauty of my own soul and reconnect with ways to celebrate myself. 

The course helped me identify the sometimes unconscious things I have been doing to close my heart, and gave me real skills to work on opening it back up. It was done lovingly, with compassion and gentleness, and with reminders that the only limitation to experiencing my version of a big love story is how my small, fear-based, wounded mind wants to control everything just so she doesn’t have to hurt. Ironically, this only suffocates my spirit, starves my relationship, and makes me hurt even more.

"Open Your Heart reminded me that the sometimes subtle and soft voice in my head that says “I am not enough” has rather loud repercussions. I have judged that voice with no compassion, but it only spoke louder. I thought I could outsmart that voice by ignoring it, but ignoring it only meant I didn’t hear it….not that it wasn’t still there. The program exposed the fact that it was the voice that was in control, wreaking havoc on my relationship. So I must tend to my place of not-enough-ness. When I am enough, my partner is enough. My relationship is enough. Acceptance creates change. Pressure does not. I am capable of acceptance because I am enough."

- Rae, Hypoluxo, FL, May 2013

To read Rae's full response, click here...

If you are tired of altitude sickness from being on your high horse, join Sheryl as she gently feeds you small doses of Humble Pie while you acclimate to your new reality of "Holy Shit, you mean it's me not him?"

- Grace, Boulder, CO, May 2013

"Your course is just what the world needs! Truly!

"I must honestly say that, for us personally, it was a reflection of all the amazing work that we have done and are doing. It was like each day, something that we had practiced during that day would be exactly what you were offering as an action item on the course. It became quite funny how aligned we were with the whole entire course, how it spoke our language and how much it brought to our relationship just to take the time and read the texts every night. We apologize for not being more active in the group, we figured the best way was to work together, free from distraction. The way you are communicating this information and the way you structured the work, we feel, is spot on. Thank you!

"We truly honor you for standing up in this work, work that I feel is the most important of our time. If people cannot find a way to make it in their personal relationships, well, the whole rest of life really doesn't work either. So keep shining on, developing you work and I am sure, one day soon, we will stand side by side in this movement as we too feel it is one of the most important topics for all of us in our lives. We surely will reflect back as reminders and will pass on your work, as we already do, to many!

-Daniel Tyler Pohnke, Los Angeles, May 2013

"Some programs like this promise some kind of miracle transformation - and deliver very little. This program does not promise a superficial 'miracle' as such but delivers SO much more: actual tools to help any person become more connected to themselves first and then their partner. Sheryl's emails and phone conferences contain so much more than you could absorb all at once which makes it more of a program for a lifetime. For anyone who is looking for a relationships course there is no better guide than Sheryl Paul! Her sensitivity and wisdom will be guiding you gently as well as having the support of many other like-minded people to connect to whenever you need to on the forums."

- Anon, Sydney, Australia, May 2013

To read the entire response, click here...

From an Open Your Heart participant the day after the program ended:

"For the longest time, I couldn't figure out why when I touch my husband, I soften, literally almost melt. (After 8 years it's still like that.) Or why he's the one person that makes me glow more than any other person on the planet. Or why can making love to him make me feel so safe, connected, vulnerable and sexy? Or why he is the one person that when I'm around and open, the true purity, innocence, and love in my soul just comes out. BUT then why, if this person and I share this unique bond and connection with, do I think I might leave? Do I think he isn't 'attractive'?

"It's been throwing me through some serious anxiety... 

"I read something in a response that Sheryl wrote in the Redefining Attraction thread on the Open Your Heart forum. She asked someone that if they sunk down, deep inside themselves, is the lack of physical attraction a deal breaker. (not her exact words to this member, but that was the jist.) And it spiked me, because I was like 'What if it that is a deal breaker for me?', but I was instantly countered with a voice in my head that said 'No, it's not. The amount of love you have for this person will never be trumped by looks.' But still... I was left confused, and didn't understand why these two dichotomies exist within me?

"I finally realized that what I have with this person isn't now, or has it ever been, about looks. I kept wanting to associate attraction with the externals because that's easy to define.

"The word attraction defined: When one object is drawn to another.

"That's why it's been so confusing... For 3 years, I've been trying to give definition to something that can't be defined. What I can define is that I am drawn to him, I'm ATTRACTED to his essence. I'm attracted to something you can't touch or see. It just is.

"So, I say this loud and clear to anyone wanting to listen:

"There are no specifics we need to follow when it comes to the people we choose to love. We may all have the false belief engrained so deep within us that says we should only love beauty, but it's not true. When there was, is, or has been a 'magnetic pull', for any reason, for any length or time, towards you and your partner, BELIEVE THAT. REMEMBER THAT. If something in you keeps fighting for your relationship, but you don't know why because you can't articulate it but you know there's a reason, BELIEVE THAT. REMEMBER THAT.

"That's all I got."

- Amy, Detroit, MI, May 2013

"Open Your Heart was a truly enjoyable program. I learned many simple (not always easy) ways to combat a closed, fearful heart and to instead connect to myself and to my partner. For that reason alone, I feel that the program was worth it. It was worth the investment of time and cost, and worth the vulnerability it took to really practice the love laws.

"I’ve taken the Conscious Weddings E-Course and one difference I found is that I felt more engaged with Sheryl, and because of that, I was more committed to working on the material regularly. The daily e-mails, the daily exercises, posting on set topics on the forum, weekly phone calls--these all created a "program" environment where I felt like we (program participants and Sheryl) were all in it together at the same time, and that I needed to show up.

"Overall, this was a great program, a good complement to the Conscious Weddings E-course and counseling, good for where I'm at in my journey... wonderful. Thanks for your hard work in putting it together and teaching it."

- Stephanie, Minnesota, May 2013

"I am very grateful to have been a part of Open Your Heart. Over the course of the program, I grew from feeling empty and detached from my partner to taking responsibility for my own openness. This has translated into a feeling of more connection, and although I haven't fully completed the process of opening my heart, I feel confident that it is possible and that I have the tools to do so. More importantly, I feel that I can do this with my current partner, whom I love very much. I know that opening your heart is a process, and I would not be at this point if it wasn't for Sheryl's work.

"My favorite thing about this program was absolutely the conference calls. Getting the opportunity to interact with Sheryl personally and have questions answered directly set this program apart from other online courses. I did not feel like a number or a username on the forum.

"If anyone is on the fence about Sheryl's work and Open Your Heart, I can say only this: there is truly nothing to loose and everything to gain. All of this work is taken as an experiment, a chance to try new things and see what works for you. And the only way to discover this is to try."

- Emily, New York City, May 2013

“I loved the Open Your Heart program, and have recommended it to a number of friends. I loved all the guidance and all the information that dropped daily into my inbox with its wisdom, gentle reminders, thoughtful suggestions and solid actions to be taken.

"It was well paced, enough content to challenge you and encourage you to step up and more content to go back to over time.

"It is great to know that I now have this resource at my fingertips to refer to as I am sure I will many times.  I plan to go over it again and again. 

"I feel reassured that there is no shame around this issue for me knowing there are others who also struggle in this area. I understand better where the fear comes from and understand the tools and principals around moving through it.

"As a result I feel more solid within myself, more compassionate and understanding of what the fear means.  I feel braver and more able to feel that fear and square up to it, acknowledging it but taking a different action anyway.  This has allowed me to be more able to open my heart, stay in my heart and be the love and light I know I am in my essence, bringing that to my relationship and everywhere.

"My boyfriend says he can really feel the difference in me when I am in this state, so it feels like a choice and I can tangibly see and feel the difference this course has made for me which is exciting. 

"I am so grateful to Sheryl for this powerful work.  Her message is compassionate and gentle – you truly know that she genuinely and passionately cares about this work and about each client’s understanding and integration of the message.   

"I find Sheryl a beacon of light – she is both strong and gentle as she guides you through what she so aptly calls the dark underbelly of relationship anxiety."

- Katrina, London, May 2013

I absolutely loved every second of the Open Your Heart Program. Your work is simply incredible and I feel so lucky to have stumbled onto it, ironically 10 years ago and then again when I needed your work the most! Thank you!"

- T. Allen, San Diego, CA, May 2013

"For years I fantasized about meeting "the one" and imagined how perfect our life would be together. I hated being single and was eager to meet a nice guy. I would look at friends’ relationships with envy. I thought, "If only I could meet a nice guy, that is the only thing stopping me from being completely happy". Then it happened, I met a nice guy! I prayed to get married someday. Eventually he proposed-cue the joy, right? I now had exactly what I wanted. Shockingly, instead of feeling "happier than I ever felt", by the next morning, I felt sick. I couldn't sleep or eat. I was filled with anxiety and crying all the time. I had a panic attack each morning for 2 weeks. I thought, "Surely, this must mean I'm making a mistake". My feelings were the polar opposite of how I thought I should feel and I didn’t know what to do. In a desperate google search I found Sheryl's Conscious Weddings E-course and signed up. I was skeptical at first and even googled one of the participant’s names to make sure she was a real person! The E-course was exactly what I needed. It helped me learn why I was feeling the way that I was and helped me understand how transitions affect people differently. The forum provided is a valuable tool because it allows you to connect with people who are experiencing, and have experienced what you are going through. It feels good to know that you're not alone and you can get through this challenging time of transition and fear. The course helped me manage my anxious thoughts and learn a lot of about my own personality and pattern of thinking. Now I'm married, in part thanks to all that I have learned from the e-course! The Conscious Weddings E-course helped me understand and manage all the fearing and anxiety that encompassed my wedding transition.

After the wedding I thought, "I'm married, now what?". I knew that even though I'd completed the Conscious Weddings E-course my work was not done. While I was completing the weddings E-course, I initially thought, "Okay, I will do this and then be 'cured' of my anxiety". I know now that it doesn't work that way. I knew that as a newlywed I wanted to continue to work on my relationship. That's when I heard about the Open Your Heart Program. I approached the Open Your Heart program as an experiment to see if it would help me develop an even stronger relationship with my husband. I did not focus on the outcome, as with the first E-course.

This program was easy to complete. Participants receive one email per day containing an article and a single task, which I could do at my own convenience. The Loving Actions, which are detailed in the OYH course, can become part of a person's daily life. In completing this course, I felt a greater sense of peace within my marriage and about myself. The emails of a daily article and task seemed to arrive in the perfect order! For example, just as I was starting to feel some resistance, I received an email about feeling resistance! Sheryl has perfectly structured the course so that it has a natural flow. I would recommend both courses to anyone dealing with relationship anxiety or who wants to strengthen their relationship."

- Laura, Carnegie, Pennsylvania, May 2013

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  • Sylvia

    Interested in finding out when the next ecourse begins after the 5/29 course on Open Your Heart 30 Days

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    Is there anyway I can pay with cash?

  • Meg dyer

    Please add me to the list of interested people in the October 2013 course.
    Thank you :)

  • Myriam

    I am interested in this class. How can I sign up for the next session? I already took your Conscious Wedding course and was pleased with that.


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    I’m interested in this course!

  • Aditi

    Hi, I would like to be notified when your next course comes up in September. Thanks!

  • Jeannette

    Hi Sheryl ,

    Just read all the testimonials and I know that the course you are running to open your heart in 30 days would be something I would greatly benefit from. Could you please notify me when your next course commences in September. Thank you!

  • shelley

    hi Sheryl
    can you add me to the list? is this for October? Thank you

  • Chrissy

    Hello Sheryl!!

    I am very confused with my relationship, because lately I have realized my feelings of love are actually not there. Don’t feel as attracted as before, as patient and not even sure if I love him. This has brought me great anxiety. As you might suspect, I am in a relationship with a great partner. No red flags. I was wondering if taking the “Open your Heart” course would help me get through this confusing times. If so, could you please add me to the list for the September program? All I want is for our relationship to work out. Thanks in advance!

  • Sharan

    Hi Sheryl, is my name already added to the list?

    Just have to say that this is exactly what I wanted… I remember during the chaos of my anxiety only 2 months ago I said to my friend “all i want is for my heart to be open” and to which he replied “how do you know if it’s open? and if it’s not open maybe that means you don’t love him…”. As you can imagine this sent me over the edge, and I started to believe this despite the pain I felt. Deep down I guess I knew what I needed, just wish i trusted myself and my feelings at the time to be able to speak up. Anways…i’m here now.

    Thank you

  • Rain

    Sheryl, I just got married 3 month ago and I’m falling apart now. I have the same qualms as Chrissy above. I’m not feeling the same way and it’s freaking me out. Will this course help me? Can I please sign up?

  • Alice

    Hi;) How to purchase your e- course from abroad? I don’t have the bank account in your currency…

  • Ana

    Hi Sheryl,

    I really feel like I need this. Will there be another course offered after the one that starts in September?

    Please send me any info you have.

    Much Appreciation,

  • Ana

    Hi Sheryl,

    Is this course something you have to do with your spouse, or can I go thru it without him being involved? I’m a little afraid for him to know I’m not feeling attracted to him…it just seems like it would hurt his feelings terribly and if it’s something I can solve without him ever knowing I feel this way, it would just make things easier.


  • Kim

    Sheryl, I am wondering if this program might be right for me. When I read the program description, something in me reacted with “Stop forcing me to love my husband. I don’t want to be more intimate.” That comes to me like a big kick in my chest.

    At the same time, I am finally getting how tangled up I am in our crazymaking dynamics, and I only have a vague sense of what is going on in me that is contributing to that. I want to understand that better. It is very scary to think of letting go of the way I have been and I think I need some modelling and support to change my behaviour. I want to feel love, peace, and warmth in my body instead of the hard and empty and scared feeling I have now.

    Do you think this program could help or is it maybe not quite the right place for me right now?

    Kim in Halifax

    • Hi Kim: It sounds like the program would be a great match for you right now, especially since your resistance is coming up so strongly! I encourage you to take the leap as Open Your Heart is designed to address the exact issues that you’re struggling with.

  • Louisa

    Hi Kim
    I totally relate to those hard, empty and scared feelings and I feel so disconnected from my partner because of it.
    I too am wondering whether to start the 30 day course…..


    P.s Are you in Halifax, England?

  • Kim

    Hi Louisa….I am on the east coast of Canada. Glad to hear I am not alone with this!


  • Louisa

    Hi Kim
    You’re certainly not alone, I soon realised that when I found this website. The articles seem to help make sense of these very heavy and unwanted feelings. The difficult thing I suppose is learning how to work through them without over-reacting and making decisions based from the wounded self….


    P.S Halifax in England is very close to where I live, so that’s why I asked……Halifax on the east coast of Canada is slightly further away ;-)

  • Kim

    So, Sheryl, just to clarify — Will the course help me find the “right” relationship with my husband, even if that is not necessarily a marriage relationship? My resistance to loving my husband, and my impulse to get away from him is so strong that I want to be sure I have the space to uncover the meaning of that, whatever it may be. I don’t want to go into it with a preconceived idea of the outcome of our relationship. Does that make sense?


    • Well, Kim, the program is not designed to help you determine if your husband is “right” for you or not. It’s about learning loving laws and actions that will help you move toward him, which includes discovering your fear walls and learning how to work with them effectively. I hope that helps.

  • Kali Parkin

    Hi Sheryl,I’ve been with my boyfriend for 2 years now and have never had an orgasm. When I met him, there was an incredible click, I just felt so close to him and wanted to be around him all the time like I’ve never felt with anyone else. However, when we first kissed, there was no real spark for me and still to this day I dont get anything out of kissing him and obviously the sex isn’t much better. I mostly enjoy being in his arms and hugging him and I know that I do love him deeply so its kind of a really weird situation. I’ve ignored it up until now, being completely happy with him regardless, but sometimes I cant help but think surely sometimes wrong. I’m not much of a sexual person in general but if my thoughts would stay that way, he wouldn’t be the one I’d fantasise about. I haven’t spoken to him about it as I know he definitely finds me very attractive so it’d be really hard to explain this to him and he surely would not understand the complete picture as conventionally when someone says they are not actually attracted to you and haven’t actually ever been, then that throws “love” out the window and raises major issues. I do feel guilty about it all though and so I normally just push any negative thoughts away. Would your course have anything to do with my messed up situation Sheryl or would you just call that a write off? Because if nothing was there to start with then there’s not much really to work on. I just don’t understand what makes me feel to close to him at the same time though. I thought that maybe I got my friendship/lover senses mixed up but I wouldn’t want to be friends with him either as no one goes around spending days in bed in their friends arms and feeling like the world was now complete :/ I’d appreciate more than you can imagine if you got time to spare a few words on this for me and let me know if the course is honestly suited for my kind of situation.

    • The course would help for sure, although I would probably need to know more about your history before I could offer a solid recommendation. I will say, however, that you’re situation is more common than you think, and when you start to work through your fear-walls, the natural sexuality will begin to flow in. That’s what the Open Your Heart program is about.

  • H

    Hi Sheryl,
    I’m interested in the program but have some questions about the structure…is it homework/exercise work? What are the coaching calls like – check-ins from the group or teaching from you? What day and time (EST) are the calls going to be?

    I’m also not sure about the scope, if I’m in the right place for this, although I have no doubt it can always be helpful to people. Is there an intake type of form where I can feel this out before committing to the wole month..?

    Thanks for any info.

    • Yes it’s daily exercises which take from 5-20 minutes, but I wouldn’t consider it homework : ). On the coaching calls, I begin with a teaching and then I interact with the participants answering their questions. The calls will be on Mondays at 8:15pm EST, but if you can’t make them you can write your questions on the forum and download the recording for 24 hours after the call. I hope that helps!

  • Ash

    I’m interested in the October class. Could you email me the info, please?

  • Kristen Adkins

    Sheryl, are you having an “open your heart” program in october, and if so, is it too late to register? please add me to the email list if it is not too late. thx

  • Anne

    Hi Sheryl,

    I have just signed up for your e-course, and then came across this one! Much like Chrissy above, I have had feelings like perhaps I don’t love my partner of 1.5 years anymore, and my sexual drive towards him has drastically dropped. He is a great man, treats me impeccably, and willing to totally work and transform whatever he needs to for our relationship. We have really worked through some early issues, and things seem to be going in the right direction. I just don’t know if he’s the one anymore, and its causing me GREAT anxiety! Just wondering if this may be the course for me, or should I stay with the e-course? HELP!

  • catherine

    I would like to be put on the list for octobers session! How much does it cost?

  • Bobby

    Hi Sheryl,

    This is something I am interested in, however it is not available until Spring 2014 because it is full. Is there any way I can find the information elsewhere or through this website on another program? It is VERY important to me and would be beneficial to start learning this information now.

  • Rose


    After reading through your website I feel as though your courses may be something I should look in to. Please keep me posted on your future Course dates, as I would love to be included.


  • Kayla

    Hi, I really want to do this course would you be able to email me when you’re next taking people on?


  • Cheryl

    Hi Sheryl:
    Your website and articles have been a godsend. Like so many on your site I have found a truly wonderful guy. I am drawn to things in his essence that are beyond my rational understanding. It just “is”. And the sex is truly a loving and exciting reflection of that. He is the first man I have ever felt I could truly trust. But the externals – his employment situation, some of our differences have sent me into a desperate and anxious tailspin. The negative voices are obsessive as I deal with how he is not the “Prince” I held in my imagination my whole life. Its agonizing. Heres my question: i signed up for the Conscious Bride course but we are not yet close to engaged. I really feel I need your Open Your Heart course but it doesnt start till February. Is there any crossover between the courses? I NEED THOSE HEART OPENING EXERCISES! Any suggestions snd THANK YOU for all you do!

    • Yes, there is a LOT of crossover between the courses, and starting with the Conscious Weddings E-Course, even if you’re not in the wedding transition, is the ideal place to begin to do this work. Keep going through the course. Ignore the parts that are related to being engaged, and you’ll start to peel back the layers of your projection that are keeping your heart closed. You’re in the right place!

  • San

    Hi Sheryl,

    I wanted to know if your program is catered mainly to women or will men also benefit. I am going through a very serious relationship breaker and it is centered around sexual attraction or lack thereof. I have been torn between my love for my long term girlfriend and soul mate and my sexual attraction towards other women and complete lack of any sexual attraction towards her. Would your program help me come to peace with what I have with her? Would love to hear back.

    Thank you,

  • dontworrybehappy

    Hello Sheryl,

    Would the program be good to me? I do not experience relationship anxiety anymore (thanks to the blessing of your e-course) but lately I moved out with my boyfriend and I often feel angry etc.. and have trouble mastering my feelings. I also feel like my heart is sometimes closed because of my past experiences. Could this help me? Or is this more about redefining love? Thanks

  • Alice Gibson

    Hi Sheryl,

    I’m 100% sure I want to participate in this course. However, I’m curious/concerned about the weekly conference calls. Before I sign up, I want to be sure I’ll have the time free to participate in that part of the course. Is there a schedule chosen already for the course that begins on 2/8? I’m sincerely looking forward to participating!

    Thank you,
    Alice Gibson

    • Call times vary with each program depending on demographics of participants (it’s always a challenge to find a time that works for worldwide participants!), but for this round the calls will most likely be held on Mondays at 4pm EST. All calls will be recorded and you’ll always be given an opportunity to ask your questions prior to the call if you can’t make it.

  • Angela

    Hi Sheryl, this open your heart program interests me a lot.. Even though I’m in such a better place than I was initially. I want to learn more about myself how I can love myself every moment of my life. I am enough I don’t need to please anyone first.. always please me.. And not to feel selfish..I don’t know why I always felt that way. Like I felt guilty if I didn’t go out of my way for people. I was a people pleaser.. But I don’t see myself like that anymore because I learnt healthy boundaries from my psychologist.. Useful tools that will be to grasp onto.
    Unfortunately due to lack of money I have to wait until I’m ready for the next one.
    I can’t wait to get started as I’m sure I will find my real essence..
    Sheryl xx

  • Yukimi

    Hi Sheryl,

    I am not about to participate in this next session because I will be away for two weeks. When is the next one afterwards running?

    I want to take this course so badly, as I feel it will be incredibly beneficial!

    Thanks so much,

  • Courtney

    I would love to sign up. Those intense passionate feelings of the early stage have disappeared causing me to feel empty and disconnected from my boyfriend. He is truly in love with me and I just don’t know how to be in love! I do not want to end the relationship because he is so wonderful and supportive. Please let me know when the next session will be starting. I’m desperate.

  • Kate

    Hello there..
    I would be interested to hear when you open registration for this later in 2014..
    Thank you.

  • Michelle Sidara

    Can you let me know when your next “open your heart” course is scheduled.

    • It will be in August or Sept. Do you want me to add you to list of interested people? You’ll receive an Early Bird email which will allow you to sign up early and secure your spot.

  • Meredith

    Hi Sheryl,
    I’m sad to see I “just missed” your Feb Open Your Heart Course. I am definitely interested in your next course in August/September! Please put me on the list!

  • Lacy Martin

    Can I receive more information on this e-course?
    Open your heart 30-day

  • Liz

    Will you please include me in the list of interested people for the next Open Your Heart course?

  • Andy

    Please can you let me know when the next Open Your Heart course is going to start and send me and Early Bird email too.

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    When’s your next course? I would like to enroll in it asap- my wedding is coming up
    Thank you

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    I would also like for you to send me and e-mail when you start another open-your Heart course please. If you think it would be a good inversetment for me

  • Emma1404

    Hi Sheryl

    I would also like to hear about the next “open your heart” course in 2014, so it would be great if I could be added to the list – I will be working on the conscious wedding one in the meantime!

    Thank you so much for your work – I have only discovered it last week and already feel such a relief!

    Many blessings,

  • Megan

    Hi Sheryl,

    Really want to do this 30 day program in August and would LOVE for you to add me to the early bird email notification list, thank you SO much!

    Cheers x

  • Sarah

    Hi Sheryl
    Can you send me information about the open your heart course please so I can sign up
    Thank you

  • Amelia

    Can I please be added to the list for the Open Your Heart course? Thank you!

  • Lila

    Hello! I am wondering when the next course would be, I am interested in joining. I found your site by accident looking for articles on when you are irritated with your partner. Im not sure what course is right for me. I have recently moved to another country to be with my partner. Im currently out of a job and just find myself annoyed and irritated all the time at my boyfriend. Im not nice, snappy and I want it to stop. As he is being nothing but loving and understanding. I just want to get back to a good place and not pull away from him.

  • Eunice

    Hello! I am looking to be added to the Open Your Heart Course for this Fall. I see many people have already tried to save a spot so, not sure if it’s full yet. Could I please be added to the list if there is still room?

  • Anna

    I´m very interested in yout course open your heart, sounds like something for me indeed. After 10 years of marriage ups and downs, and for the past 6 years mostly down for me with lots of irritation towards my partner, I´m feeling no attraction etc.
    Is the next one first this fall? Can I sign up already? What does it cost?
    Thank you,

  • Michelle

    Hi Sheryl,

    I would love to sign up for the next program and for the early bird email list. Also, what is the cost of the program?

    Thank you!

  • Megan

    If I am worried about attraction, sexual and otherwise, is this program supposed to help with that? I worry about a lacking of it in my relationship and would love to build up the love and attraction between me and my boyfriend from where it is now to something much stronger. Also I need a lot of help getting a healthier mindset about relationships and commitment. Will this course help me with that?

  • Barb

    I was wondering if this course or any other offered would be of benefit to my partner as well?

    Thank you, again.

  • Megan

    Please 100% add me to the next intake, extremely keen and definitely want to do it! Thanks so much!

  • Barb

    I would like to get in on registering for Open Your Heart program in the fall.

  • Barb

    Hi Sheryl ~

    I replied here 4 or 5 days ago, asking to sign up as soon as possible without question for the next session of Open Your Heart. In the meantime, even though I am in a marriage of 20 years, I am seriously considering your Conscious Weddings E-Course.

    Please confirm my request.

    Thank You so much!

  • Elsie

    Hi Sheryl
    I would also like to book a place on the next ‘Open Your Heart’ course. Could you add me to your early bird list in the meantime?
    Thanks so much!

  • Andie

    Hi Sheryl,

    As a dedicated reader of both your blog and your book I would love to be added to your early bird email list for this course. I like many others here made my way through an anxious, rewarding, difficult and life changing wedding journey, and now looking for the tools to continue building my marriage to the height and strength it can be.


  • J.

    Hello, Sheryl. Could you add me to your early bird registration list for the August Open your Heart course? If by chance, there are any cancellations for the session that is about to begin, I would love to fill in any slots that become open. Otherwise, please do sign me up for the early bird registration for August. Thank you.

  • Jackson

    Hi Sheryl

    I would like to book a place on the next ‘Open Your Heart’ course. Could you please add me to your early bird list?

    Thank you,


  • Lory

    Hi Sheryl,

    I’m really interested in taking the Open your heart course. Could you please add me to your early bird list and let me know when registration opens?

    In the meantime, What would you advise me to read or do to ease my pre-engagement anxiety? I’ve already been through so many ups and downs and I’m thankful and so happy that I’ve stumbled upon your website.

  • Brittany

    Hi Sheryl,

    Can you please notify me when registration for this course opens? Thank you!

  • Jennifer

    I am interested in taking the Open your Heart course. My husband and I have been struggling for a while. I have felt I am pulling away as he pulls away.

  • Jana

    I’m interested in taking the open your heart course, how do I go about doing that?

  • Anni

    Please add me to the early bird list for the bext course so I can register in time! Thanks!

  • Viv

    Hi. I would like to do this course. Thanks

  • Barb Buscemi

    I am interested in your Open your heart course, please add me to your list.

  • Natalie W.


    I am currently in a long distance relationship that has been ongoing for 1 year and will continue for 1 more year, but we plan to live together afterwards. We lived very close to each other for a full year before we had to move to long distance, but we have cultivated a very healthy and loving relationship. My partner is the most wonderful, loving, patient, and kindest person I have ever had the pleasure of knowing and has taught me so much about myself and the world. We have both helped each other grow over the years. Lately however, I have been experiencing overwhelming anxiety characterized but a gigantic pit in my stomach that lingers within me daily. I want to emerge from this hole, but I am worried that because I am in a LDR, the relationship is doomed. I don’t want to give up, but I don’t know where to go from here. Will this course help me even if I’m not living near my partner? I see him about 2 weekends a month.

  • Toni Cirillo-Hutchinson

    Hello – I am interested in the Open Your Heart Course. Would you please add me to your list? Thanks

  • Delaine

    I think I’m interested in your Open Your Heart course… but I’m a little hesitant. I’ve been with my fiance for 4 years, and we’ve never had that “spark”. He’s pretty inexperienced and I’ve got anxiety and depression issues… we’re intimate once a month and I have to force myself into it. Don’t get me wrong. I love this man. He’s everything to me and we have a beautiful daughter together. If there’s a way to create chemistry and desire I’d love to try. Is this actually something that *can* happen?

  • amy

    Please add my email address to your newsletter. Thank you!

  • Tomi

    Hi, I am probably one of the few men who visit your site but I am struggling with anxiety that is really causing me to doubt and fear moving on with my living girlfriend. I have been working through the wedding encourse, can I be considered for the open your heart course?

  • Ximena

    Hi Sheryl, I would love to be added to the list for registration when it comes out :)

  • Jake

    Hi when is the next open heart course?
    I’m from Ireland would this be ok and I need help

  • Ashley Solis

    Hi Sheryl,

    I would like to be added to the registration list. Do you know when you’ll have this course again? Thanks! <3

  • Whitney Lea

    Sheryl I would love to be added to this list. I certainly need this course.

  • Kristen

    I am interested in the Open Your Heart Course. Would you please add me to your list for the Fall 2014 program? Thanks

  • Ruth

    I would like to be added to the list for the Opening Your Heart program.

    Thank you!

  • Darlene

    Hi Sheryl! I’d love to take your course! I’m hearing my story again and again reading comments on all forums. I am 25, in a new relationship, FIRST relationship, after being rejected plenty of times in my past by other people. Finally someone loves me. I don’t want to be in this position. It’s not who I am nor who I want to become, and I’m realizing I want to resolve this and take the necessary steps to do so! I want to register for August!!! Please email me. :)

  • Sandra

    When is your next class starting thanks, Sandy

  • Emily

    I’m interested in the next Open Heart course and would like to receive more information please.

    Thank you.

  • Melissa

    Please add me to the notification list for the fall course!

  • Eliza

    Pls add me to sign up list for Open Heart

  • sara

    Hi Sheryl
    I’d like to find out if this course is for me. I met a wonderful man a few months ago and we have been seeing each other regularly. He is kind, funny, warm and I feel that we share the same goals in life. He is really attentive and sweet and I’ve never felt this cared for by any man. But I don’t find him physically attractive. I never have. He was a little insecure about his looks when we first met and said that people have made many negative comments over the years about his features. I remember feeling his insecurity really bothering me. He started mentioning marriage and children which scared me a little as I felt he was getting ahead of us both. At one point about a month into the relationship I decided to end it simply because I could not imagine us being intimate as I didn’t find his looks appealing. But after I ended it I began to regret it and missed him a lot. I don’t know if I missed him or missed the thought that this could have been my chance to be in a happy relationship and have children (I’m 36 and I feel my body clock ticking away). We talked and he said we could take it as slow as I wanted – he realised that the marriage/children discussion had been too much for me. So we are still seeing each other and I like him more and more each time we meet. I’ve just never met anyone like him and I think he is a wonderful person, a beautiful soul. I still don’t feel that physical desire though. It has come a few times in short bursts but it feels like a real struggle. We haven’t been intimate yet as he is a devout Christian and wants to wait until marriage and this would usually be fine by me except that in this case I really don’t know how I would respond to him physically. One thing I should mention is that I find his voice very sexy and when we talk on the phone I feel very attracted to him. I just don’t have that attraction to him in person. I’m also very worried about ‘leading him on’. I don’t want to hurt him and part of me feels that it might be better to end the relationship to save us both a lot of heartache in the long run. My friends have advised me to do just this but I wonder if my lack of physical attraction to him is the result of years of exposure to media ideals and my own insecurities and issues. I really want to be able to develop that attraction but I worry because I haven’t really felt it so far. Would this course help me to work through my problem?

    • The course would absolutely help you break down your media-induced ideals of attraction. More importantly, you have a little to lose by taking the course and giving your relationship your best shot. The challenges you’re describing are exactly why I created the course.

  • Lauren

    I would like to be registered for this course if spots are still available?

  • Alex

    If I know I have attachment issues which is at the root of all my relationship issues (in therapy, EMDR, etc.), would this be a good course for me? Would like to register if so.

    • While the course isn’t specifically focused on attachment issues it would absolutely help you soften your fear walls and resistance so that you can move toward your partner and experience more connection and love.

  • Katie

    Hi Sheryl, I really want to enroll on this e-course but I’m going to be travelling on vacation (a cruise with difficult Internet acces) from September 13 till September 21. Can I enroll anyway and check the emails, mp3 and info when I get home? Please let me know, thanks!

  • Kerry

    Hi Sheryl,
    I am extremely interested in your class and think it is just what I need for discerning my relationship with my boyfriend of over a year. Unfortunately, I’m not able to participate in live streaming videos sessions on weekends due to travel and a friend’s wedding.

    Are the forums and group calls at specific times? Could you give further information on how the course is structured so I can figure out if possible to participate with replays of the material?


    • The forums are open 24/7 and the group calls are at specific times, but they’re all recorded and you’ll always have a chance to ask questions prior to the call which will be answered. The videos are available at your convenience via password-protected pages. Call times are Mondays at either 8:15pm est or 5pm est (alternating throughout the four weeks).

  • KT_wondering

    Sara – I just read your comment and I wanted to say I feel exactly the same way as you. I am also 36. The only difference is my boyfriend of 2 months is not Christian so we have been able to explore things physically. Anyway, I also feel very very worried about all the things you say and I find it hard to tell if my lack of attraction is my own issues, or him. Just wanted to give you some solidarity in that.

  • KW

    Hi Sheryl,

    I’ve been with my boyfriend for a little over a year now. Every so often I fall into a “funk”. I begin to feel like infatuation has faded and anxiety kicks in, making me question everything. In the beginning it would last a few days and I would pop out of it, but now it’s lasting anywhere between two weeks to a month. I’m not sure if other anxieties (family/work) are causing me to project these feeling into my relationship. I’ve been learning to sit with my feelings, to really feel them and to be honest with myself, saying out loud what it is that is scaring me. We’ve discussed marriage and moving in together, so I’m not sure if these transitions are creating anxiety. He is a good man, the best I have ever dated. He respects me, we have meaningful/deep conversations, we enjoy our time together and are completely comfortable being apart, however I don’t feel grateful for these things like I used to. My fear is that I don’t know how to love past infatuation. I didn’t grow up with the best examples of love.

    Do you believe the Open Your Heart program be of value to my anxieties?

    Thank you.

    • Without a doubt. The program was created to address exactly the anxiety/fear that you’re describing, and if you don’t want to walk away from what sounds like a wonderful relationship, it’s time to address the fear at the root.

  • Karina

    Hi Sheryl,

    I’m not sure, whether you have read my comment on your current article. But does it make sense to do this course if there have been doubts on whether it’s love or not from the beginning on and when we split up some weeks ago and I cannot really move on. Or is it better to move on and do the course on how to handle a break-up :(

    Best wishes

    • Hi Karina,

      I would encourage you to give your relationship every chance you can, as chances are you will just repeat the patterns of fear with your next available partner. So, yes, the course would benefit you.


  • Lisa

    Hi Sheryl,

    I’m hoping I wasn’t too late in signing up for this as it’s the 13th in Australia..!

    Hoping my payment went through and all is good :)

    Looking forward to starting the course and learning!


  • Elenor

    I wanted to see about enrolling in your e- course. Wasn’t sure if your classes started yet?

  • Sheryl, forgive my lack of tech skills and I really need this class. I did receive a group email yesterday with some quotes. Have I missed something? else? I could not sign in with my password for the forum but you said that was not necessary. Is there a call in number? Is there a video to watch? Something else I should have received?. Thanks, Diana (your over anxious to heal participant)

  • Mary

    I see that “Registration for the next round will open soon.” Can I sign up to receive a reminder/notification email for when registration will open for the next class?

  • Vanessa Rocha

    Hi, Sheryl!
    Bummed out that I just ran into your website through a huffpost article I read and that your e-course just recently closed up. Would you be offering this again anytime soon? I’ve been with my husband for 13 years, married 10, and we have hit a rough patch. Would like to sign up whenever possible. Thank you!

  • Victoria Frost

    Hey there! Can I please get more information on this course? I’d love to do it, it would greatly help me in my marriage :)

  • Christy P-B

    Hi Sheryl,

    I am taking your Conscious Wedding Ecourse at the moment – just started on Monday. I am getting married in November and have developed some serious anxiety due to our relationship having been stuck in a rut for a while and wanting to sort things before the wedding. Is there anyway that I could hop onto this course also?

    Many thanks

  • Susie

    Hi Sheryl – Will you be having another one of these Open Your Heart 30 day programs? I’d love to be on the list. Thanks!

  • John

    Hi Sheryl,

    I hope you are fine. I have two days reading your blog because I have this overwhelming anxiety about my relationship. I’ve read blog entry after blog entry and sometimes I think you are literally reading my mind and in these moments your blogs posts have represented all of my hope. I’m really glad to have found you.

    I do know how precious and beautiful my partner is and even if my mind is screaming that the only relief is to end the relationship, because “it will end my anxiety”.

    Something inside me tells me that I should not. I’m holding on to that, I just need the tools. I need please to enter in the queue for the Open Your Heart 30 day program. When is the next “Open Your Heart 30 day” program starting?

    Best Regards,

  • Will

    Hello, Sheryl. Please provide me information on coming Open Your Heart programs.


  • Dawn

    Hi Sheryl, Please add me to the list for the next round of this course? I’m sad that it looks like we just missed it! And looks like it will not be offered again this year? Is that correct? Thanks!

  • Louise

    My heart squealed with hope when I read the above information about this course and the testimonies. I cannot wait until next year when this is offered again. So bummed out that I missed the one that is currently happening as it would’ve come at a perfect time, but nonetheless, next year! Thank you for the work you do in helping people improve their lives. I can tell you are such a beautiful soul.

  • Meagan

    I’m not seeing a sign up box for information about the 2015 class. Can you point me in the right direction? Thanks!

  • Josephine

    Hi Sheryl.
    Is this online ? I am interested in the 2015 programme but I live outside the United States.
    Kindly let me know.

  • Rosie

    Hi Sheryl,

    I’m in the UK – can you tell me what time and day the phone calls will take place for the February 2015 course?



  • lauren


    I’ve been hoping for awhile that you would touch on sex more in depth within the parameters of fear, vulnerability, etc. Will this course delve into that at all?

  • Nicole

    Hi, I would love to enrol on course, I’m living in Ireland, is it still possible to enrol?

  • Elizabeth

    Hi Sheryl, wondering when the next Open Your Heart session will be after this one that begins tomorrow? I’m not sure I can financially swing it right now, but definitely think my guarded, stoney heart could benefit!

  • LGB

    Hi Sheryl, I am thinking about doing this course, this time or next, but not sure I fit. I have been married 37 years. Feeling a bit old for this group. :)

  • Candee

    Sheryl, I signed up for the Open Your Heart e-course, but haven’t seen any emails, etc. Can you tell me how I would access the first step? etc.? Thank you!

    • Candee: I’m so glad to hear from you here! I’ve sent you several emails asking you to confirm your email address by clicking on the confirmation link, and I’ve sent you the three emails that you’ve missed. Do you not receive emails at this address? I’m not sure why nothing is coming through to you. Please email me directly using the contact form above ASAP and let me know if there’s a different email address you would like to use for the program other than this one (which is the one that you signed up with) so that we can resolve this and get you up to speed with the program!

  • Candee

    Sheryl, just a quick update. I have not yet received my approval by the administrator so that I can login. I do have my username and Board URL, but no access as of yet. Also, I don’t know if I was supposed to receive a day #4 email, but so far I haven’t received that either. Thank you for your help. Candee

  • Dee

    The universe is amazing. I just came across your page this morning, right when I am feeling so disconnected, sick and full of anxiety due to the feeling of losing touch with my partner. As much as we are both not perfect, I keep finding myself overthinking things which results in me turning tiny things into something big – that really doesn’t need to be. Am I doing this because I’m unhappy? I feel so lost, hurt and angry with myself.
    But I have to say, it is so relieving to read through these comments and know I’m not alone.

    I am in Australia, just wondering if you have a book?!

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