Thresholds: Reflections at Midlife – An audio collection

Inspired by the Gathering Gold podcast and accompanied by a soundscape created by podcast co-host and producer, Victoria Russell, Sheryl walks the listener through the landscape of her inner world as she traverses the threshold of midlife, focusing on six themes:

• midlife
• parenting
• panic
• seasons
• emotions
• spirit

As she shares in the introduction:

“This is a book birthed from dreams, from journal entries, from poetry, from my own labyrinthian journey across the portal of midlife. It’s a book that reveals aspects of my personal journey through parenting and panic attacks, as well as musings on archetypal places that I hear about every day in my work, and feel myself. It’s a personal book with the hopes that, as Carl Jung taught us, when we plumb deeply enough into the personal layers, we touch the collective. It’s the book I thought I would birth when I was eighty, sitting on a chaise looking out at the gardens and my grandchildren while reading through my hundreds of journals, deciding which entries called to be shared.

“But in the months around my fiftieth birthday it became clear that the book doesn’t want to wait until I’m eighty. It wants to be birthed now.”

Click below to listen to an excerpt from the audio collection

Praise for Sheryl’s Work

“This is why I so wanted to do this show”


“Sheryl Paul has been a teacher, a sister, and an inspiring visionary in my life since my twenties”

Alanis Morissette

“Sheryl Paul casts new light on an old subject”

Marianne Williamson


Marion Woodman

“The wisdom and practical advice in these pages can save your sanity and shore up your relationships”

Dr. Christiane Northrup

“Anyone who ever wanted a wise aunt, or even fairy godmother, should grab this book”

Terrence Real

About Sheryl Lisa Finn, M.A.

Since 1999, I’ve had the privilege of guiding thousands of people worldwide through the tricky terrain of anxiety through my courses, blog, books, and private sessions. Anxiety dragged me into the underworld when I had my first panic attack at age 21, and since that time I have been a devotee of the unconscious, endlessly fascinated with the labyrinthian maze of the inner world.

I received my Master’s Degree in Counseling from Pacifica Graduate Institute in 1995, published my first book, The Conscious Bride, in 1999, and appeared several times on the Oprah Show from 2002-2004. I started my blog in 2009 and have written weekly ever since. My third book, The Wisdom of Anxiety (Sounds True), was released in May 2019.

Born and raised in Los Angeles, my husband and I now live in Colorado, where we’ve raised our two amazing sons. As of this writing in May 2024, our older son is 19 years old and just finishing his first year of college, and our younger son is 15.

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