Trust Yourself – Continue the Work

Every time I end a 30-day program, I feel like I’m watching a group of students getting off a bus and scattering into the fields and forests. Their backpacks contain effective tools, their notebooks are full of notes, a-ha moment, dreams, insights, and questions, and at the touch of their fingertips they have access to videos, poetry and visualizations that will hopefully help them drop down out of their head-spaces and spiral into the rhythm of their body-wisdom. They may have even connected to a few people virtually that can support them as they head out into the wilderness.

But something is missing. There’s an emptiness, a quiet thud as I watch them walk away. It’s too soon, perhaps. They need more time to allow the tools, dreams, and poetry to sink into their cells. They need a few more anchor-points, some totems to make sure they stay on the path and turn the new insights into loving habits. I have an impulse to call to them, to offer a few more parting words. A bit more time. A bit more guidance.

So riding on the inspiration of some members from the August 2015 Trust Yourself program who requested that the work continue in some way, I’m offering you one more month of anchor points. This will be a modified version of the original program and will contain three new videos, several new emails, and an MP3 over the next four weeks, as well as access to a forum group moderated by our wonderful co-moderator. When thirty days turns into sixty days, we have a much higher likelihood of solidifying the new learning until it takes up permanent residence as a way of life. And when we’re supported by a group of passionate learners, people like ourselves who desire deeply to live their lives as close to their essential nature as possible, guided by their own, unwavering sense of self-trust, the process of healing is amplified in untold ways.

What you will receive:

  • 11 new emails
  • 3 new videos
  • 1 new MP3 visualization
  • Access to a small, private forum just for members of Trust Yourself continued

Please join us as we continue to work: One more month of practicing together, learning how to fill your well of Self, living from the inside out, and touching down into that shimmering crystal of self-trust that lights the way.

One time payment of $49

From a past participant:

“I wanted to provide my feedback to let you know that the Trust Yourself course (first and extended part) has been so powerful and incredibly useful to my day to day life experiences. I notice such drastic changes in myself – I’m more open and feel much deeper vulnerabilities. I feel more sensitive and my emotions come freely.  I can’t really understand it or pinpoint exactly WHY or HOW these changes have occurred but I am sure that it is as a result of this course (more so than the relationship anxiety course oddly enough). Maybe because I’ve truly committed to my journey of self-discovery. Although I have much more work to do I can finally say that I have the power to stabilize myself in moments of deep anxiety. Thank you so much for all the insight that you provide, I don’t know where I would be if I did not have the access to this wonderful resource.” 

– Y.H., Canada

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