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bird copyThe Conscious Weddings E-Course: From Anxiety to Serenity

For anyone struggling with relationship anxiety, this is the only home study program available that will help you transform your relationship anxiety into serenity, whether you’re dating, engaged, or married. Through exclusive videos, articles, MP3 interviews, exercises, and effective tools you will learn to manage your anxiety and find the clarity you seek. Your peace of mind is worth it!

Click here to watch a free video, download samples and learn more about the program, including testimonials from Alanis Morissette and other satisfied women and men.


The Conscious Weddings Premarital E-Course: For Couples Who Want to Begin Their Marriage with the Best Chance for Success

The only non-denominational ecourse that offers you the information, guidance, and tools to create the healthiest foundation on which to begin your marriage in the privacy of your own home. Divorce-proof your marriage before it begins!

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Birthing a New Mother: A Roadmap From Preconception Through the Early Motherhood to Calm Your Anxiety, Prepare Your Marriage, and Become the Mother you Want to Be

A home study program to create the optimal environment for birthing your baby and yourself as a mother (and father). The eight downloadable lessons beginning in preconception and continuing through the first year of parenthood include videos, articles, and interviews with three psychotherapists, a midwife, a childbirth educator, and a postpartum doula who speak to the question, “How do you prepare for the transition of parenthood and learn to manage your anxiety, calm your fears, prevent postpartum depression, babyproof your marriage, and bond with your newborn?” (Hint: It has nothing to do with focusing on the externals of ovulation sticks, ultrasounds, and baby STUFF!)



autumn.partnerWhen Your Partner is Struggling with Relationship Anxiety

Is your partner struggling with relationships anxiety? Are you wondering how to best support her/him and wondering how to handle your own feelings about it? Supporting an anxious partner is a challenging situation, and this short course (excerpted from the full premarital ecourse) will guide you with compassion and wisdom so that two of you have best chance of continuing to create a loving partnership. Whether you’re dating, engaged, or married, learn the tools you need to support your partner and yourself through this difficult experience.




sun shining through treeOpen Your Heart: A 30 Day Program to Feel More Love and Attraction for Your Partner

Are you longing to feel more love and attraction for your partner? Do you wish there was more connection and intimacy between you? Do you often worry that there’s something missing in your relationship? Whether you’re in a new relationship or a longterm marriage, you can grow your love and cultivate your connection. In this 30 day coaching program that I offer four times a year, I will personally teach you the Love Laws that will help you open your heart so that you can feel more love, connection, intimacy, and connection with your partner. Email me to inquire when the next program will be offered.



sherylRelationships Course

In this course, I give you the tools to transform a good relationship into the best relationship of your life. This course is intended for people in any stage of a healthy, loving relationship who feel that something is missing and want to lay the foundation to create the relationship of their dreams. It can be taken on your own or with your partner.





How to Heal from a Breakup 

In this course,I teach you the tools you need to heal from a painful breakup. Whether it’s been weeks, months, or years since you split with your partner, this course will help you move beyond the pain and learn valuable lessons that will prepare you to find healthy, lasting love in your next relationship. You don’t have to feel this way forever.



Trust Yourself

A 30-Day Program to Help You Overcome Your Fear of Failure, Caring What Others Think, Perfectionism,   Difficulty Making Decisions, and Self-Doubt.


39 comments to Home Study Courses

  • Mary

    I ordered the eCourse, but it hasn’t arrived yet.

    Thanks so much,

    Mary Cobb

  • Please email me directly and we’ll figure out what happened. It’s an instant download so it should have arrived immediately in your inbox!

  • Caroline Weber

    Do you have a return policy if you’re not satisfied with the ecourse?

  • Kelly

    What is the major difference between the open your heart, wedding and wedding premarital course?

    • The Conscious Weddings ECourse is focused on relationship anxiety. Open Your Heart is a guided 30 day program to help you feel more love and attraction, and receive personal attention from me. The premarital course is for couples to help them learn the tools that will assist them in beginning their marriage on a healthy foundation.

  • Kelly

    Thank you! After finding this blog, I’m not as anxious about marriage – however, I would like a strong foundation and lessons on how we can communicate and maintain a strong relationship, while building our attraction toward one another. So maybe the Open Your Heart or premarital course would be best?

  • Lauren

    Which e-course would be best for me – the Relationship Course or pre-marital course. I am married 3 years and would love to learn more abouttips to keeping a strong,healthy marriage?

  • Jamie

    Hello Sherly,

    I have been following your blog for about a 1 1/2 years now and still haven’t purchased a course to assist me with relationship anxiety. I am currently married. Yes, I was the anxious bride and read your book during my engagment and first year into marriage. I still struggle on and off and more so now that my husband and I are expecting our first child. (Both turning 30) this year. Anxiety has been through the roof of projections towards my husband that something is “wrong” with us or I wouldn’t be feeling this way kind of thoughts, (you know all of those things I’m talking about)
    As a professional (occupational therapist) who works with many children with disabilities have started to be anxious about all the things that could go wrong! Right? So I’m struggling to decide which course at this time would be best suiting for me. (I find that most of my anxiety stems from my projections about my relationship) which I have a keeper so I’m trying my hardest to cope and have decided its time to truly love myself enough to sign up for a course or two. I truly want my pregnancy to be such a beautiful experience as I believe how spiritual this transition is. It’s beyond and amazing blessing I dont want to “miss”. Like I felt through my wedding experience that I still wish I could go back and be more present for. As we all know, the wedding is a right of passage, which I am learning to slowly understand and let go of the fairy tale I thought it should have been. So I’m hoping you can direct me to the best course you perhaps feel would be best for me at this time. Thank you for your wisdom and truly am
    Grateful each week for your beautiful blog



    • Thank you for your lovely comment, Jamie. Truthfully, I would recommend that you give yourself, your marriage, and your baby the gift of both courses. The course on relationship anxiety will help you own your projections toward your husband and heal the root causes of your anxiety and the motherhood course will help you prepare emotionally so that you can birth yourself as a mother and receive your baby with open arms.

  • Jake

    How do I sign up for the open heart 30 course?
    Also I’m from Ireland is this ok?

  • Suzie

    i signed up for the trust yourself course yesterday, i didnt get an email receipt. Is this ok?

  • I would love to be on the list for the early bird registration for this course. Thanks so much!

  • Tina

    I’m currently suffering from ROCD or relationship anxiety as you call it, for 2 years with my partner of 4 years. It has since transferred to all of my close familial relationships, making me question my love, care for them and my capacity to love as a human being. This has spiraled me into a deep depression. Do you think any of your ecourses would help me in this situation?

  • Jeremy

    Hi Sheryl,

    Firstly I would like to thank you for the guidance and e-course has given me. I got engaged to my Fiancé last October and everything was going so well until I got struck down with pre wedding anxiety towards the end of June. I was so frightened when this happened to me and all of a sudden I feared that I was making a mistake in marrying my beautiful fiancé and best friend. I have been in a loving relationship with the last 7 years and during those 7 years I have had the time of my life and now all of a sudden I question if I’ll be happy when I get married and find myself looking at flaws in my fiancé and trying to find flaws in my relationship. As a result I am seeing a therapist and I purchased the wedding e-course about 2weeks ago. I know I’ll have to work through the course and that it will take time to get through this anxiety. The fear scares me so much but i have improved since I got the help both from your course and the therapist and I would recommend the wedding e-course to anyone going through the same. Should I keep working through the wedding e-course on its own or take up another course that you would recommend?

  • Marijke


    Can you add me on the early bird list?

    Thank you very much!


  • Ann

    Hi Sheryl,
    I have been following your blog for some time and i find it very inspirational. I would like to do one of your e-courses but i’m no sure if any of them are right for me. I am not in a relationship at the moment, though i have started dating someone recently. I have had two long term relationships but have not had one for a number of years, i think in part due to the fact that i’ve developed somewhat of a relationship phobia. At first i told myself it was because i hadn’t met “the right person” but as the years have passed i’m wondering am i just walking away from good people because i’m scared. Your courses seem to be aimed at people in relationships, is there anything for someone struggling to find a meaningful relationship?
    Many thanks,

  • Amy

    Hi Sheryl!

    I’ve taken the Conscious weddings ecourse and loved it and loved the board—find it all super helpful. I’m currently trying to work on loving myself more and finding fulfillment for my own needs from myself, not from my partner. I’ve done some of the inner bonding work. Basically, I’m torn between taking your Trust Yourself course and your mother’s Love Yourself course. Which do you think would be more useful for learning to self-love, self-soothe and harness my LA a little more?


  • Have you ever considered certifying people to teach your mothering course? As a doula I’d love to offer your program to my clients as I do many of the things you discuss but a kit, access to the videos and articles and some formal training in your program would be awesome.

    • I’ve considered offering certification programs for a long time but my time hasn’t allowed creating them yet. Eventually! In the meantime, please contact me about how to offer the birthing program in a more feasible way to your clients.

  • Brianna


    Do you have a course suggestion for intrusive thought ocd?

  • Eva

    Dear Sheryl,

    On the search of what is wrong with me and/or my relationship I found your webpage. I’m struggling to decide on which course would be suitable. Here a bit if background: with 25 (I’m 33 now) I moved to another (1,5 flight-h away from home) country to be with my partner. We had 1,5 years of long distance relationship and I was very much in love and trusted him to be my life partner. When I moved I didn’t speak the language or had a job, friends or my own family. I started doubting the relationship silently for myself as I always was weighing if all if that was worth it. I broke up with him in the end after seeing a relationship therapist who confirmed to me that my partner wasn’t emotionally available for me and couldn’t open up and meet my emotional needs. Soon after that I met a 10 yr younger man, I was totally in love for 1,5 years until he became anxiety, that our relationship would force him to miss out on travelling, friends and so on you have at his young age. I couldn’t stand his doubts and after 3-6 month including councelling I decided to leave the country and break up. Within one week I lost everything. My home (I lived in that country for 7,5 yrs), my job and my friends. I took my dog and went back to my home country to soon after leave to study half way around the world for my masters and figure out where I wanted to live as I didn’t feel home anywhere. I returned after my studies to my home country again, but had met someone during my studies. Long story short, I moved again, half way around the world, with high expectations on our relationship as we seemed to “connect” and understand each other better than I ever had experienced before on an adult level. I love his country and I have a great job here. But I am back to doubting my love, attraction and my decision to be with him. I do think he is the perfect for for me, but how can I actually start to enjoy my relationship? My mind plays tricks on me going back to my previous, yonger, crazy in love partner who wasn’t actually suitable for me. I know it’s fear driving this. Fear of never being able to have what my parents have, a “perfect” life partner. Which course would you recommend?

    • The Conscious Weddings ECourse would be ideal for you, Eva. I recommend that you sign up as soon as possible as the earlier you deal with the anxiety the easier it is to resolve it. I’m currently running my annual Black Friday sale through Monday. Enter GRATITUDE2014 at checkout to receive the discount.

  • Courtney

    I read your article/blog on MBG on the #1 reasons people “fall” out of love. The lead me to your website. I am in a big transition. And feel I have been for several years. In those years I closed a business, moved to another country, got engaged, married a year later, a baby a year later, moved 8 hours north of where we were living when our daughter was 6 months old (that was 3 years ago). In just those 3 years, we had a HUGE adjustment financially, I turned 30, husband turned 40, he left his business of 7 years, and most recently he got fired. In the last 3 years I have been “waking” up so to speak. Doing ALOT of inside work. After reading some stuff on your website I have realised I have a bit of relationship anxiety. We are going to see a counsellor and she is great and working on a more conscious approach to relationship counselling. I notice though that when we get in arguments I go from being very honest and open and that is met with defense, then I shut down and clam up, then I go through self doubt and relationship doubt then I get sad and lonely and confused and scared. I am exhausted in general as the last how many years have been extremely full of LOTS of change. I don’t have a lot of space for anything and notice its affecting not only me, but our daughter and obviously relationship as well. I feel like I am going crazy and know it takes 2 to tango but surely it can’t all be me like he so often seems to think. The only thing getting me through each day is knowing it can’t be like this forever and something has got to give. I writing as I am not to sure what E-course to do. The relationship one ( I used to thnk we had a great one) or the conscious wedding one or the 30 day program? Thank you.

    • Thank you for your comment, Courtney, and I’m glad to hear that you’re in counseling together. I would suggest that you start with Open Your Heart, which will open for registration on January 12th, and then consider Trust Yourself in March.

  • Liz

    Hi Sheryl,

    I’ve been struggling with ROCD and HOCD for the last two years. Would these e-courses help with those? If so, which ones?

    Thank you.

    • Hi Liz: The Conscious Weddings E-Course would help you enormously as it would help get to the root cause of your intrusive thoughts. Some of the language is geared toward engaged women, but most is relevant to anyone struggling with relationship anxiety and its offshoots, including ROCD and HOCD.

  • Seeking Shalom

    Hi Sheryl,
    I stumbled upon your blog a couple of days ago during a “google binge” as I’ve seen it called here. I think I have relationship anxiety and would greatly benefit from many of your e-courses, but am unsure which one is best suited for my situation. I’ll give you a bit of background so perhaps you can help me discern the best path to healing.

    -Wasn’t looking for a romantic relationship when I connected with my now boyfriend of one and a half years, I was content and fulfilled with singleness, he progressed too fast for me (and still does)
    -We have a 6 year age difference, race difference, and currently are undergoing a military long distance relationship (but still have ample communication)
    -Struggled with Perfectionism/fear of failure/not being good enough all of my life
    -History of extremely high stress levels
    -Overachiever that sacrificed self care (but in the past couple years I have been intentionally developing these skills)
    -Sometimes I am not attracted to my partner and/or not connected to him (before and during the long distance)
    -There are many foundational core values, visions, and traits that my partner and I share, but there are still some very major areas in which we differ. This is a major anxiety for me in conjunction with my previous life plan of singleness
    -My partner is not naturally inclined to express his thoughts and feelings like I am, but he incredibly supportive through everything and is committed both to me and working on our connection.
    -We are talking about getting engaged, married, and purchasing our first home sometimes soon after he gets back, so in other words, major life changes!

    Hopefully you can recommend which course you think is most fitting. Thanks!

    • I would suggest your start with the Conscious Weddings E-Course. It’s the most comprehensive course and addresses all of the issues you’re struggling with. You may also choose to continue with Trust Yourself after you’ve completed the course to address the perfectionism and fear of failure.

  • eva

    Hi Sheryl, I’m thinking about taking your 30day open heart course starting soon. My question would be, on which certain days and times would the conference calls be? Just to have an idea so I can schedule my work around it.

    Thank you & have a good night

    • Hi Eva: Here are the call times for the Feb 2015 round of Open Your Heart. Keep in mind that all calls are recorded and available for download following the call and you will always have a chance to ask your questions on the forum:

      Monday Feb 2 at 8:15pm EST
      Monday Feb 9 at 5pm EST
      Tuesday Feb 17 at 1:15pm EST
      Monday Feb 23 at 8:15pm EST

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