I was delighted to be interviewed once again by Julie Cusmariu for her fabulous blog talk radio series called “Conscious Pregnancy Empowered Birth: A Woman’s Rite of Passage into Creating New Life.” If you’re pregnant, thinking about getting pregnant, or know someone who’s pregnant, please direct them to this enlightening series about how to approach the rite of passage of pregnancy with consciousness.

You can find the link to the archived downloads, including our interview, and upcoming shows here:


And here’s Julie’s description of the series:

Join Julie in her third trimester of pregnancy as she explores along with experts and pioneers in the field, the emotional, spiritual, and physical aspects of conscious pregnancy and birthing. On the tails of Beyond “I Do” – Getting Married Consciously, a radio series inspired by Julie’s own journey into marriage, she is now setting out to explore and experience the power of honoring and celebrating pregnancy and birthing as a rite of passage as she herself experiences it for the first time.

In the spirit of Beyond I Do: Getting Married Consciously, this new 6 part series- Conscious Pregnancy, Empowering Birth- a woman’s rite of passage into creating new life, will feature Julie in conversation with leading experts and pioneers in the field to inspire, educate, and celebrate women as they journey through this powerful, life giving experience.


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