A Christmas Eve Gift for You: Gathering Gold through Winter’s Paradox

by | Dec 24, 2021 | Holidays/Holy Days/Seasons | 4 comments

Victoria and I are excited to share this podcast episode on Winter’s Paradox with you on Christmas Eve. ♥️♥️♥️

Winter is a season of contrasts. In the long dark nights, candles burn more brightly. Amidst the cold, we find ways to generate heat. And in the spaciousness, waiting and emptiness, we make room for new birth.

In this week’s Gathering Gold episode, we discuss winter as a time of paradox: a season of the elder and of the child, of quiet reflection and raucous play, turning inward and pushing ourselves out, experiencing the cold and gray and the vibrancy of heat and color. A feminine season, ripe for mythology and rich with ferocity, warmth, destruction and creation.

We delve into a season that is not easy, but offers its share of gold when we prepare ourselves and gather our courage, accept the invitation to slow down, and open our eyes to its dazzling darkness and light.

If this is a difficult season for you, remember: here in the Northern hemisphere, the days are already getting longer now, second by second, minute by minute. Spring will come. It always does.

And also remember that you’re never alone in your struggles. As I share in the episode, this isn’t the easiest season for me, and I’m also deeply curious about the invitations for growth and expansion that are layered and waiting within the gray, cold, ice, and snow.

You can find the episode here or wherever you listen to your podcasts.



  1. 🤗💖❄️🔥

  2. Merry Christmas Sheryl and to this community. We drove through our community last evening looking for those who bless us with their time and energy in celebrating with festive lights. I love this tradition! It fuels my soul.

    • That’s a beautiful tradition, Annette, and Merry Christmas to you as well! ❤️


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