During Dark Times, These are the Lights that can Guide us Through

by | Dec 4, 2022 | 20s, Aging, Holidays and Seasons Collections, Holidays/Holy Days/Seasons, HSP | 2 comments

There are different kinds of darkness.

Sometimes we head out into darkness to go on a journey—there might be fear or nervousness, but also excitement and curiosity. What glittering stars might guide our way? What might we see once our eyes adjust?

Then there is the type of darkness that envelops us when we experience a dark night of the soul, the kind that might, if we’re lucky, be part of some mysterious transformation or initiation.

And then there is the darkness that appears when the greatest horrors of the world show their face—the kind of darkness that must be stamped out, the kind that no one should ever have to face.

In this week’s Gathering Gold episode, Victoria and I are talking about the tools that help us meet darkness, and dispel it, if only for a moment.

We share some of the practices and objects that help us summon light and fortify ourselves when the sun goes down and night stretches on.

Here’s an audio clip:


We also loved exploring some juicy questions from our Patrons in our bonus episode on “Preparing for the Holidays.” You can listen to a clip here:


Finally, we’re very much looking forward to gathering with our Patrons near the Winter/Summer Solstice in a couple of weeks to engage in a ritual to help us shed grief, fear, old patterns and anything else that needs to be shed before shifting into the second half of the yearly cycle. Patrons: Keep an eye out for a special pre-Solstice video to help you prepare for our gathering!

And if you would like to join our very special Patreon community, you can learn more here.

Sending love and light to all of you, as always.



  1. For some reason the part that jumped out at me most about this week was Victoria talking about certain artists- even if they’re not explicitly spiritual- just really speaking to her. It made me think about this last week when Apple Music gave me my 2022 replay report, or whatever it’s called. My top two artists were, not at all shocking, OneRepublic and Owl City. I took note, however, of the fact that OneRepublic was number 1, because Owl City has been my favorite artist since I was 13. Part of it is that OneRepublic recently released a bunch of new music and Owl City has not (but they will soon!), but I wondered if part of it is that OneRepublic just has this sort of enchanting, deeply spiritual vibe to most of their songs and I’m just gravitating more towards that kind of thing right now. Owl City is more comforting most of the time, and it is spiritual but just in a different way. With OneRepublic it’s like soul-opening, especially when I sing along. I do sing along a lot, but it’s been a long time since I just let go and did it. Maybe I should try that this week!

  2. That all makes sense, Riley, and YES to more singing along!


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