After the caterpillars built their chrysalids and transformed into butterflies, we watched them for a few days, then set them free. It’s always hard to say goodbye.

For days afterwards, Everest asked when we would order our next batch of caterpillars and every time Asher would see the spot where we released them, he would say, “Bye bees.” It seems that the challenge of letting go is innate, and certainly the grief of saying goodbye is never easy for anyone. The natural human response is to hold on – to our youth, to our kids, to our current stage of life, to a job, to a habitual thought or negative belief, to life as it is.

The invitation is to practice letting go. To breathe into the pangs of grief instead of pushing them away. To practice saying goodbye to what needs to die or fly away so that we have space to welcome in the next beginning.

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