Many of you have found your way to my work through the portal of relationship anxiety. From there, we’ve traveled into deeper realms together, including health anxiety, friendship anxiety, parenting anxiety, career anxiety, and generalized anxiety – but relationship anxiety still arises as one of the top battle zones for the anxious mind.

Which is why is somewhat surprising that it’s taken Victoria and I two years to do a podcast episode on this topic! And which is why, even though I’ve been writing about relationship anxiety for over twenty years, it’s also interesting that I’ve never shared my full relationship anxiety story… until now (see link and clip below). In this month’s Patreon bonus episode, Victoria and I share the details of our very different journeys through relationship anxiety: our triggers, symptoms, stuck points, insights, and what ultimately helped us to break free. We also sing the praises of our beloved partners ❤️.

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Here’s a clip:


In this week’s Gathering Gold episode, we’re talking to Katie, asking her to share her story in the same style as the ten popular course member interviews included at the end of the Break Free from Relationship Anxiety course. Katie graciously agreed to share her story as a way to give back to this community for all that she received that allowed her to break free from her debilitating symptoms and joyfully marry her beloved husband just last month.

Katie talks about so much in this interview, including:

• The intrusive thoughts, “What if I’m just staying in this relationship because I feel safe?” and “What if I’m not attracted to my partner?”
• Her pattern of running away from relationships when things started to get serious
• Her somatic symptoms of anxiety including stomach issues and insomnia
• Coming to a new understanding of infatuation, attraction, and interdependence

Oooooh… Victoria and I were weeping by the end of this very special Gathering Gold episode! Her words of hope and wisdom – and her beautiful wedding vows – broke us open completely.

Finally, here’s a clip from Sara’s 1-hour interview at the end of the Break Free From Relationship Anxiety course. I recently checked in with Sara and she shared that she and her husband will be celebrating their 10-year wedding anniversary this spring:


Katie, Sara, and all of the course members that I interviewed talk about how the Break Free From Relationship Anxiety course – and especially the ten interviews at the end – was pivotal in helping them find freedom. The next LIVE round of the course, which includes four group coaching calls with me, starts on February 26th, and I only lead it live once a year. I look forward to meeting you and guiding you there.


Here are the call times. If you can’t make the live event, you can listen to the recording afterwards and still benefit from hearing other course members’ stories and struggles and how I work with them. Also, if you’ve already taken the course but are still struggling, you can join this live round and the four calls at a reduced fee using the third button on this page

Call 1: March 2 at 1:30pm ET
Call 2: March 14th at 2:30pm ET
Call 3: March 23 at 4pm ET
Call 4: April 13th at 12:15pm ET

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