Let me start by saying that this episode of Gathering Gold was one of our favorite to record. Victoria and I were able to drop a particularly rich and fruitful space together, one that guided us into places that even we weren’t expecting.

If you’ve been on my calls and courses, you know that I often invite people to “drop into their body”. And you’ve heard me say many times, “Healing doesn’t happen in our heads.” So if we know that we need to try to shift out of the ever-compelling headspace and drop into the body’s wisdom in order to find more freedom and ease, why do we resist it? This is what we explore in this episode of Gathering Gold.

If the phrase “drop into your body” brings up an automatic reaction of fear, frustration, or drawing a blank, you are not alone. Throughout the episode, we discuss some of the reasons that we might have blocked off awareness of our body or connection to our emotions early on, and why we might now be afraid or frustrated when we try to reconnect.

Through trusting our bodies and taking the risk to be vulnerable, Victoria and I arrived at so many golden gems of wisdom, largely because of Victoria’s brave willingness to offer her psyche to the Jungian way of delving underneath presenting thoughts like, “What if I drop into my body and discover that I’m meant to leave my relationship and live in a forest?” Trusting in the wisdom of the moment (the body’s wisdom), we went off-script and traveled non-linearly, spiraling into rich layers of memory, fears, and, ultimately precious moments of freedom (that don’t involve leaving your loving partner ;)).

We also discuss other fearful thoughts that arise around “What might my body tell me about my truth?” I expand upon the multiplicity that the body holds, and how we can slowly and gently tap into that multiplicity with a sense of curiosity and creativity.

Victoria shares about her struggle with dropping into her body, and some of the small, gentle moments that have helped her to get back into relationship with less fear, more compassion and even some joy.

What comes up for you when you hear an invitation to drop into your body? As always, we look forward to hearing your comments, and we very much appreciate your reviews on Apple. Thank you for listening. 🙏🏽

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