I posted this short piece on Instagram a couple of weeks ago but wanted to share it here as well for those of you who not on social media, especially as a follow-up on last week’s post on shame.


Being understood is one of the most healing experiences we can have.

So here we go…


I see your sensitivity, and it’s a gift to behold. I see your tender heart that feels compassion for every living thing in this world, and even for non-living things (stuffed animals, cars, blankets)


I marvel at your creativity: the poetry, songs, art, dance, the waterfall of words that tumble through you.



I hear your intrusive thoughts, and there’s not a thought you could share with me that would shock me or make me think less of you because 1. I’ve heard them all and 2. I know that intrusive thoughts are messengers, protectors, and metaphors that are evidence of your exquisite sensitivity and are attempts to bring you back to wholeness.



I hold your shame: the deep-seated belief that there’s something wrong with you, that you’re broken, that you’re not enough or too much. This shame, like intrusive thoughts, is also a protector and a messenger.



My deepest intention in doing the work that I do is to help highly sensitive people remove their veils and barricades of shame so that they can see themselves as the beautiful humans that they are. Sometimes that starts with someone else seeing you, in all of your darkness and in your radiant light.



I see you.

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