Getting Married

This collection explores the underbelly of the transition into marriage, specifically the fear and grief that arise on the precipice of making the biggest commitment of your life. For those prone to anxiety, this necessary and normal fear and grief can morph into projections onto one’s partner and the perseverations of, “Is this person right for me? Am I making a mistake? How do I know if I’m in love enough?”

Once those questions enter your mind, it’s easy to fall into the pervasive mindset of “doubt means don’t.” As long as you’re in a healthy, loving relationship, nothing could be further from the truth. In order to walk through the marriage transition consciously, you must learn how to name the projections, correct the cognitive distortions, and turn inward to feel the vulnerable feelings that live beneath the thoughts. This collection is a small sampling of the posts I’ve written specifically on this transition. The rest of the posts primarily occur in the early days of this blog, from 2009-2011.

To receive the complete roadmap that will offer you the information, tools, and support to guide you toward a peaceful wedding and help you lay the foundation on which to build a healthy marriage, see my Conscious Weddings E-Course.

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Relief from Relationship Anxiety: Guest Post from the E-Course Forum

Another inspiring post from a member of the E-Course Forum. I'm reprinting it here with grateful permission from the author. *** On the one year anniversary of getting engaged to M, I just wanted to drop back in and share some perspective that I've gained in the past...

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Falling Out of Love

It's a natural and inevitable stage of every relationship, whether with a friend, a partner, a child, or a pet: the zest and sparkle that characterize the early stages fade away; the ease and lightness narrow into more distance or tension; the openheartedness that...

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